About Us

So…..you’re getting nosy, eh. Well, below is the long and short of our foray in to fabrication and ventilation products.

Boss Ventilation LLC is a family business based in Minnesota. Our mission is to provide premium ventilation products and world class service to all our customers, whether one person or a distributor.

Our decision to start manufacturing agricultural ventilation products was a logical one given our set of experiences. Our family comes from a long line of farmers that in recent years has turned to and gained experience in the manufacturing industries.

Way Back….

Since our five times removed great grandfather arrived from Europe in 1876 and settled in South Dakota, every generation grew up on the farm and had an active role. From the time a youngster was old enough to wield a shovel or drive a tractor, they were out there mucking out the barns, doing chores, or cultivating the fields.

The family operation over the years encompassed most types of livestock and the grain operation to support it. At one time, this included dairy and beef cows, hogs, laying and broiler hens, and turkeys. On the side we raised a few ducks for our own table, and of course a vegetable garden.

In the 1980s, the operation became more specialized. The livestock was narrowed down to the two largest operations; turkeys and hogs. The grain operation grew and was not so directly tied to just producing feed for the livestock, but rather what made sense on the market. This strengthened the overall market position of the operation while still providing the right mix of diversification.

Beginning in 1990, as the family grew and needs changed, we became involved in manufacturing. Our first product was solid wood panels for the furniture industries. This was a rather intensive and specialized product that required competing with some large, established players. In the end it was a logical choice to switch gears and start manufacturing something we were very familiar with: grain handling equipment. Over the years, we have seen every step of the process from building the factory, to designing the product, to manufacturing and delivering it.

Feeling Good….

As the family has grown and branched out, so has our business. With Boss Ventilation LLC we created a more specialized company. Our goal is to become a top provider of innovative products that above all are useful and make life easier for the people they are created for: the farmers that are the backbone of America. We are proud to be able to say that our products are designed, fabricated, and assembled in the United States.

We invite your input or feedback on product design. We will listen and incorporate into our products ideas that make your life easier. We have farming ingrained in us and understand that it is sometimes the small improvements that make everyday tasks easier. Innovation is the lifeblood of any venture, and this way we can help each other forward.
If you want first class personal service, the best grain bin vents available, and fair prices, we are waiting to hear from you.


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