Ventilation for the ag industry

We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in agricultural ventilation products. Heavy duty grain bin vents, axial aeration fans, grain bin roof ventilators. We stand behind our products and what you get is guaranteed bulletproof construction, not literally of course, but you know, high quality stuff that lasts and lasts.......and lasts.

Precision cut parts

All parts are computer generated and precision cut and bent with the latest in tech to ensure you only receive first class results. no blow torches or plasma cutters here.

precision built products

everything is built so you never have to worry about leaky storage bins and spoiled produce. where a leak-proof joint is critical, butyl caulk is used. no headaches for you.

excellent product docs

we know that some things require additional pointers, so our vents and fans are shipped with clear instructions. no micky-mousing around looking for docs.

heavy duty construction

you will only receive high quality and heavy duty products from boss ventilation that last as long as you'd expect! That means years of service, and warranty if you need it.