Ag Industry Ventilation

Aeration and ventilation products built to withstand harsh Minnesota winters and sweltering Louisiana summers. Wherever you are, we know what it takes to keep you running, and profitable. That doesn't mean low cost, but it does mean you won't have to deal with maintenance nightmares. Go for the best, because the rest can't compete.


All parts are computer generated, Precision cutting and bending with the latest in tech means you only receive first class results. No blow torches or plasma cutters here.


Everything is built so you never have to worry about leaky storage bins and spoiled produce. Where a leak-proof joint is critical, butyl caulk is used. no headaches for you.


We know some things require additional pointers, so our vents and fans are shipped with clear instructions. No micky-mousing around looking for an email (fax anyone?) sent last year.


You will receive only high quality and heavy duty products from boss ventilation that last as long as you'd expect! That means years of service, and warranty if you need it.

There's more to this....

We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in agricultural ventilation products. Heavy duty grain bin vents, axial aeration fans, grain bin roof ventilators. We stand behind our products and what you get isĀ  bulletproof construction, not literally of course, but you know, high quality stuff that lasts and lasts…….and lasts. That can only be done when the folks talking to you are thoroughly involved with design and manufacturing. The bean counters are not in charge of our R&D or materials. E.g. only G90 is used and not G60.

You want in?

We invite your input or feedback on product design, and will listen and incorporate your ideas into our products wherever feasible so your life becomes less stressful.

Farming can be difficult enough without worrying about whether a motor will meet your demand requirements, or if a bin vent will rust through and spoil a bunch of grain. We get it, so get with the program and call the Boss.

Get in touch with any ideas and/or feedback you would like to incorporate into your operation. Obviously we can't accommodate every single idea, but will seriously consider each one. E.g. narrow profile roof ventilators are actually a thing.

featured products

standard Bin Vents

High quality, 60 degree grain bin vents, made with G90 galvanized steel. Pivoting bird guards keep the pests out, and the air moving in winter. No more wet grain.
Standard Bin Vents

narrow bin vents

Narrow bin vents help reduce heat buildup and condensation at the peak of your bin. This means less grain spoilage and longer-lasting bin roofs. More profits in your pocket.
Narrow Peak Vents

Aeration Fans

Axial aeration fans designed and built at another level. These fans are high quality, and you'll be impressed. Finely balanced blades ensure smooth operation.
Aeration Fans